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How many? I know there is one in RBY.


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By "skipable", do you mean, "players can do something without ever doing this event."? What is that "something"? Is it finishing the game?
He also said evil team events so I guess that has to do with stuff like Team Rocket, Team Aqua and Magma, etc. He wants to know if you can skip them, I think.
You could call this an evil team (team flare) event you can skip:
WARNING: May contain spoilers. Also, they have intros.
Part1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS6gaL8E5to
Part2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GxyztUd-i4
Part3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzEpeILN23k
For example in RBY you can skip doing the whole Rocket Game Corner event, by using a pokedoll on the ghost marowak
If the player's "goal" was to defeat the champion, then the player can skip that part. If the player's "goal" was to complete the event and then defeat the champion, then the player can't skip that part. So what is your "goal"?
WUt? sumwun u r confusing me on my own question
You should have made sure your question wasn't confusing before you asked it.
All I was asking are which evil team events can you skip, and still be able to beat the game
Does "beat the game" mean defeating the champion?
wut else could it mean?
In that case, every post-game event is "skipable". This includes the Network Machine, Stark Mountain, the machine part, the Delta Episode, Team RR, and probably stuff from the Unova games that I don't know about.
I am talking about not post gaem...
I wil add that in description
In that case there are Galactic grunts on Iron Island that the player doesn't have to battle.
Do you still have to go to iron island?
I think Iron Island is completely optional. In Platinum, the HM04 strength is at the entrance, so players have to either pick that up (but still don't have to fight the trainers inside) or trade strength users from another player.
You can skip all of them with a WTW cheat
That just ends up breaking the event sequences.
but they're still skipped

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Only one which is in RBYG. You can skip Rocket Game Corner, by using a poke doll on Ghost Marawok
Source: Watching Speedruns

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Wait you're a boy?

Yep. A boy. That is me. It says so in my bio...
I was trying to say that you can't read about every event just by reading the plot.
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@Octazooka What I was trying to say is that the game plot section DOES NOT have every encounter with the evil team. Am I making sense?
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You thought I was only using bu.bapedia too view the plot...
I was using other sites too...
Those other sites are probably also not complete, because you're still missing a few skip-able events.