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So, I recently bought the expansion pass for the isle of armor and I went to the train station and captured the slowpoke. Then, I showed my ticket to the man in the green vest and he said that there was a problem with the ticket and now I don’t know what to do! Please help!

Did you update the game?
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First when you buy the DLC you get a new item called the Armor Pass, you can't go without it. What you do with the armor pass is head to Wedgehurst and enter the train station. This should initiate an encounter with Klara and the Ticket Collector. Then you need to catch the Slowpoke (you can't just beat it). When the cutscene is over you show the Ticket Collector the Armor pass (all you have to do is talk to him) and you go on a train ride to the Isle of Armor.

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I did that, but the ticket collector said there was something wrong with my ticket.
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You need the Armor Pass
So to go to the Isle of Armor, you first need to update your game. After you've updated your game, go into it. Then, you get the Armor Pass. After you've gotten the Armor Pass, then you go to the Wedgehurst station. When you get there, you catch the Galarian Slowpoke, as you have done that. Then you talk to the rail guard standing there, if he isn't there, update your game. Then you talk to him and he gives you an option to go to the Armor Station. Say 'Yes' and you'll be on your way. Good luck!

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