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I've seen some tweets on Twitter where people zoom past the trainer and make the camera only focus on the Pokémon (example) but I haven't seen this feature for myself yet. Is there a some sort of requirement?

SPOILER: I've already received Kubfu and am at the part where you raise it's friendship.

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Click in the joy stick and use L/R

I think, this is just me looking up stuff.

In the Wild Area, you can freely turn the camera by using the right control stick. If the camera controls seem wrong to you, you can also invert them by going to "Options" in the main menu. To zoom out/in the camera, click the right control stick inwards (like a button). Finally, pressing the L button centres the camera.

hope this helps! the ramdom site I found this from https://www.gamerguides.com/pokemon-sword-and-shield/guide/story-walkthrough/galar-beginnings/entering-the-wild-area

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You should credit where you got the information from with a link.
What is you're using the Right Joycon undocked (with the Left one still docked on Switch)?
Hm... I guess there's no zoom feature. Maybe the camera was just at an angle that made it zoom in (in the example I linked). This is probably the only answer I'm gonna get so I'll give it a Best Answer.