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I have a Drednaw, but when I click Dynamax, it becomes a Dynamax Drednaw, not a Gigantamax one. How do I make it Gigantamax without the DLC?

It doesn't have the gigantamax factor, ehich it needs to gigantamax. Some pokemon have it, some dont

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You have to find it in a Gigantamax Den
So in order for your Pokemon to G-max without the DLC, you actually need to find it in a Gigantamax Den, instead of a normal Dynamax Den. However, these are very rare if you don't connect to the Internet, I don't have Internet on my Switch and I've never found a G-max Den. If you do have Internet, then the chances are raised drastically. So, I'm sorry your Drednaw can't G-max, because you need to have found it in a G-max Den.

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I found a G-Max Gengar in the den at Motostoke Riverbank. Try that one.
First off your chances of finding one doesn't go up if you have online you can just find and go into other people's raids if they show up.

Second, there is a difference between a promoted raid den and a normal raid den. Gmax Gengar is promoted right now along with gmax garbodor so they can appear in almost any raid den. However if you want a drednaw, you have to look up where it's specific raid den is, and then do the wishing piece exploit until you get the purple beam and so on and so forth. This video explains the whole process. https://youtu.be/KdPRbS-HwSc
Not trying to be rude or anything but it's surprising how many people don't understand this even after playing the game a lot
G-Max Harbor? You mean G-Max Garbodor?
I also don’t have Nintendo Online, an I thought the promotions only came from online. How does that work?
Oops sorry I meant Garbodor. Auto correct. To get the promotions you need internet access, not the online membership. Go into Mystery Gift and select Get Wild area news. Then it will update your promoted dens. You do not need the online membership for anything in Mystery Gift
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You need to have obtained it from a Raid Den, already Gigantamax-able. You have a small chance of getting a Gigantamax Pokemon from any purple Raid Den. Alternatively, the Charmander you get from Leon's house will evolve into a Charizard already able to Gigantamax. From time to time, events are staged that make Gigantamax Pokemon more common. Gigantamax cannot be passed down through breeding.

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I found a G-Max Gengar in a red raid den, does that mean I’m lucky?
There may be an event going on right now that makes Gigantamax Gengar more common. I'm not familiar with the current events though.
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You can find Gigantamax Pokemon

  • In a raid den with a purple light coming from it
  • During a special event where a specific Gigantamax is promoted (I think you need Nintendo Online for this. Thank you nintendo. For letting me give you more money!). G-Max Toxtricity and G-Max Snorlax can only be found during these events. In addition, it is the only way to get a G-max Eevee/Pikachu without LGPE save data, and the only way to get a G-max Meowth after its expiration
  • You will be able to get Gigantamax Melmetal by transferring a Pokemon from GO to HOME. This feature is not out yet, and will likely be released before the end of the year
  • Have save data from Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Let's Go Pikachu, then talk to an NPC in the Meetup Spot (which is the Wild Area train station) to get a Gigantamax Eevee/Pikachu
  • Between November 15th, 2019 to January 15th, 2020, you would get a mystery gift with a Meowth in it. This Meowth would be able to gigantamax
  • After you become Champion, go to Leon's room in Postwick, and you'll get a Charmander. When it becomes Charizard, it will be able to Gigantamax