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There are some pokemon that have been talked about but never scrapped, because their data exists, like eternal floette
I can post this as an answer if you want but :P I don't have SwSh nor home nor pokemon go so I dont understand any of this but APPARENTLY yiu can trade a pokemon from go to home. Then, you get a special gift gmax melmetal that can be transferred to swsh. Now idk how reliable this is but I found it on multiple sites, so I think? Anyway source:google (more specificly gaming websites and pokemon official)
Also it should be noted that it may not be realased yet? Again, I don't know about any of the three, nor how reliable the other sites I read were.
iirc it was showed in an official trailer and it has something to do with pokemon go

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Gmax Melmetal will be a Pokemon Home mystery gift that is released when you are able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home. This transfer feature is not available yet but will supposedly be available before the end of the year. You will get the Mystery Gift after you transfer one Pokemon from Go to Home

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