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I was thinking about making another save file for Pokémon X because the story was so fun, but does that start over my current save file?


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Only 1 save file per cartidge
You can have one save file per Pokemon game cartridge (Except for SwSh, LGP/E, and MD, but those are all Nintendo Switch exclusive). There are ways to save your data, however.

You can:
- Move your data to a different SD card if you downloaded it from the shop
- Move your Pokemon to Pokemon Bank/Home

Hope this helped.

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also except for LGP/E and MD for the switch!
Thank you! I don’t think it’s worth starting over (not with the amount of Pokémon in my national Pokédex!) just because I had fun with the story line.
Unless I can move them to Pokémon Bank, but I don’t want to do all that just to do the story line again.