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So the title may have been a bit confusing. I'm asking why are most EVs are like 252/4/252? I'm just curious, and I just want to know why is it used the most. Thanks!

From what I can tell, it is because people want a Pokemon to have great EVs in certain stats. As for the 4, a little comes a long way.
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The EV spread of 252/4/252 is so common because it maxes out two stats completely, and gives the remaining points to another stat. This is good for if you want to completely utilities the two main stats you'll be using.

For example, here's the base Leafeon I use:

Adamant or Jolly nature (minus sp attack, and ups either attack or speed)

  • Swords dance
  • Synthesis
  • Sunny day/Last Resort
  • Leaf Blade

To make the most of him, I max out his speed (252) and attack (252). This allows him to move first, and potentially sweep in one turn.

Probably not the best example, but I hope this helps!

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In most cases, EVs are used to buff up stats that are already good rather than patch up stats that are poor. In fact, many, if not most, Pokémon sets use a simple 252/252/4 Spread, with the two stats with 252 corresponding to its most important ones.
Source: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/guides/understanding-evs

This explains it perfectly. In addition to this, most sweepers run 252/252Spd/4 in a Defense because that is what they are focused on, hitting hard and fast. This is mostly why. Many offensive Pokémon focus on those 2 stats which they make sure are as high as possible. If course, there are exceptions to this rule with benchmarks and all of that which are explained in my source. Also, specialized Defensive Walls tend to run this as well.

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This EV spread usually maximizes a Pokemon's potential. For example, a common EV spread for sweepers is 252 Atk/SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe. For a sweeper, you want it to be fast and hit hard, right? This EV spread is the most likely to allow your sweeper to sweep. The extra 4 are just because you can't put them anywhere else.

More examples are tanks and walls. Slow offensive Pokemon sometimes run 252 HP / 252 At/SpA / 4 SpD. This means they can tank a hit well and still hit hard. Walls usually have 252 HP / 252 Def/SpD / 4 Def/SpD. Walls like Clefable have higher base Special Defense, so they need more EVs in the other stat.

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