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I know that dragon is one of the best and everyone says bug and poison are weak and I'm a bug and poison type fan so it really triggers me. But where do all the other types go in strength in average stats? I mean like top 5 for average Hp ,Atk, Sp.Atk, Defense, Sp.Defence .

What does this mean exactly?
I mean write top 5 for each stat. This isn't true but this is and example.
Going from type that has best hp to 5th place do it for all stats understand now?
This is not a duplicate question but this can be answered using the original one so......
Quality > quantity

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- Dragon (85.5)
- Ice (77.5)
- Normal (76.3)
- Fighting (75.9)
- Ground (75.9)
- Fighting (105.8)
- Dragon (103.5)
- Steel (96.2)
- Dark (95.1)
- Ground (92.5)
- Steel (114.5)
- Rock (104.8)
- Dragon (87.4)
- Ground (86.9)
- Ghost (82.6)
Sp. Attack:
- Dragon (98.0)
- Psychic (95.8)
- Fire (92.5)
- Electric (88.2)
- Ghost (81.6)
Sp. Defense:
- Psychic (88.0)
- Fairy (86.2)
- Dragon (85.6)
- Steel (81.8)
- Ghost (79.1)
- Flying (85.5)
- Electric (81.8)
- Dragon (80.5)
- Psychic (77.8)
- Fighting (77.1)

I hope this is what you meant, anyways, this shows that the dragon typing is absolutely one of the best types in the games, as it's not only the typing itself that's op, but the Pokemon that have the dragon typing. Also this doesn't mean that poison and bug are bad types, they generally are pretty bad, but not because of their stats, but because of their types. Poison is a very bad type offensively, as prior to the fairy type it only hit grass types super-effectively and even with the fairy type, it's usually better to have a steel type on your team. But the poison typing has many good resistances, so even though most don't have the best defenses, if you encounter one that does have good hp, defense or sp. defense it would be pretty good. There isn't much to say about the bug type however as it has bad offenses and defenses, but paired with the poison type it gets a pretty decent defensive typing and paired with the steel type it becomes amazing.

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thanks that's what I was looking for
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Normal - HP(76.30)
Fighting - Atk(106.37)
Flying - Spe(85.50)
Poison - Atk(70.45)
Ground - Atk(92.52)
Rock - Def(103.78)
Bug - Atk(72.73)
Ghost - Def(84.44)
Steel - Def(112.63)
Fire - Sp. Atk(90.81)
Water - Def(75.41)
Grass - Atk(75.17)
Electric - Sp. Atk(87.82)
Psychic - Sp. Atk(94.43)
Ice - Atk(82.63)
Dragon - Atk (102.92)
Dark - Atk(95.07)
Fairy - Sp. Def(86.25)

According to the given answer, highest average of a type for each stat is:
HP: Normal - HP(76.30)
Atk: Dragon - Atk (102.92)
Def: Steel - Def(112.63)
Sp.Atk: Psychic - Sp. Atk(94.43)
Sp.Def: Fairy - Sp. Def(86.25)
Spe: Flying - Spe(85.50)
Hope this hepls!

Wait. Does that mean this is a duplicate question?
I'm not sure. What does the question mean anyway, I asked. He still hasn't replied...
Wait ice on an average has a higher attack then special attack? That's crazy