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Does safeguard also prevent status elements like confusion and infatuation or just status problems like poison and sleep?
I wonder how safeguard works yes.


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Safeguard covers you from status like poison as well as secondary status like confusion, and it only lasts five turns as you probably already know. It's mainly used to prevent passive damage on wobbuffet or used with moves like outrage so as to prevent the confusion that comes afterwards. It's not the most popular move, but it's still got a few good uses.

I was wondering does this protects other party on your team?

It will protect from moves like poision tail, flamethrower, thunder, Pin Missle, confuse ray, and what else

Does it protect from icebeam, blizzard, and other ice moves, fire types that are special, electric moves

Can you please list it best you can to explain that u

It will be greatful
Only Status moves, my dear friend. Not the Special/ Physical moves you mentioned.

By Status, I mean those that inflict a status on you.