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I need to know for a False Swipe + Scrappy setup in Shield.


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It can be obtained from Max Raid battles with its Hidden Ability (it is not a guarantee, however). Alternatively, you can use an Ability Capsule on it, or try to find someone to trade with.

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Wait, so would the Ability Capsule change the ability to Scrappy? I’ve never used one before.
That's correct, it changes the existing Ability into the Hidden Ability. The reverse is not true, however -- you can't change a Scrappy Pangoro into a different Ability with an Ability Patch.

Edit: Thought you said Patch, not Capsule. You can't use an Ability Capsule to get a Hidden Ability.
Doesn't the Ability Patch change to hidden abilities and the Ability Capsule switches between non-hidden?
That makes more sense, since the page on the Ability Capsule ays it switches between two abilities if the Pokemon has two.