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Hi my Pokemon won’t obey when I ask them to fight the gym leaders Pokemon. My Pokemon are all level 11s or level 12s. Wondering if you could help?

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Yes, that can happen. Pokemon obey you until lv 10 if you have no badges. See the table in source. It mentions in ORAS you need stone badge for Pokemon to obey you until lv 20.
Thank you very much, just wasn’t sure if it was up to Lvl 10 or 20 without no badges.
you are welcome! I'm from hoenn so it took me no time :P
I thought Pokemon you caught in the game/your starter obeyed you no matter what, and only *traded* Pokemon would disobey you and were affected by the chart from your source.
no kyogre, that isn't true
Actually, that's definitely correct. Bulbapedia specifically says "outsider Pokemon", which are not from the original save file. I've also had experience in overlevelling Pokemon that are my own OT, and they listened to me.

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As someone who regularly does Oak Challenges, I can confidently say that Pulse and X are right.

All Pokemon you catch within your save file will obey regardless, but traded Pokemon will not obey if you don't have the gym badge to level requirement

Once you get the gym badge, they will obey until level 20. In the meantime, use a Pokemon you've caught yourself to help beat the gym, eg. your starter

Source: experience

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thats wierd. my treecko didn't obey me twice in omega ruby against roxanne when it was lv 15 :(
Did you trade it? I did an oak challenge in oras, so i legit had a team of level 30+ mons when i fought roxanne with no issue
no I didn't!
Then it mustve been a bug, because within my 15+ years of pokemon playing and over-levelling, never has that happened to me
oh ok then..
Well it maybe that you are a very lucky person, because after gym battling it does say Pokemon up to level 20 will now obey you
Wow 15 years? That's more than my age :p