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I have no idea for who to choose as all have advantages and disadvantages. Popplio is good against all the Kahunas but meh against the trialsand E4. Litten isn't weak to fairy cos of fire and is good for a lot of trials and E4 but against the kahunas he has no chance. Rowlet is immune to fighting and 3/4 kahunas but trials and E4 don't give him any favours. Thx for your help.


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According to this video, Primarina is statistically the best. This video explains it more as well.

To summarize:

  • The Primarina line is good against the Dark, Dragon, and Fire trials
  • Super-effective STABs for every Kahuna
  • Does well against the E4
  • Does well against Guzma and Nihilego
  • Best start to the game, with early access to Disarming Voice
  • Beats Hau's Noivern, Crabominable, and Incineroar


  • Unfortunately struggles against the numerous Poison-types of Team Skull
  • Not great against the Grass/Electric trials
  • Hau's Raichu and Leafeon destroy it

If you make sure to account for those, Primarina can make one of the best members of your team.

  • Availability – Early in USUM as a Starter Pokémon. If you want it, you can use it.
  • Evolution – Level 17 to Brionne; Level 34 to Primarina
  • Stats – Being fully evolved with a base 60 Speed stat is slow, but this is made up by its massive base 126 Special Attack and the fact that many Alolan Pokémon are also slow. Defensively, its physical bulk is passable and its special bulk is high.
  • Typing – Initially pure Water, but evolves into the Water/Fairy Primarina. Water is arguably the best type in the game and its Fairy typing is great against late-game Dragon types.
  • Movepool – The Popplio line has a pretty standard Water-type level-up movepool, and sports fantastic coverage in the late game with Shadow Ball and Ice Beam. However, it is dramatically hurt by the relocation of the Scald TM. Luckily Sparkling Aria is a solid Surf replacement.
  • Major Battles – Primarina cannot solo many major battles due to Scald’s relocation, but still beats most of Gladion, Plumeria, Olivia, Nanu, Kahili, and Olivia2.0’s teams as well as being one of the best Pokémon to deal with the hardest Totem in the game, Marowak.
  • Other Notes – Primarium Z makes a return, so I recommend employing it liberally if you kept Sparkling Aria on your moveset.


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I think Litten is your best choice. It does well against Mallow's and Acerola's trials, plus Acerola in the Elite Four and part of the Champion's team, provided It lives that long. It isn't weak to the ever-present Fairy types like most Dark types, and good Fire types are harder to come by than good Grass and Water types. Incineroar may be slow, but it has an excellent Attack stat and decent defenses. It has an excellent movepool, learning things like Flare Blitz, Darkest Lariat, Drain Punch, Iron Head, Earthquake, and more. Fire and Fighting are both excellent offensive types, and Incineroar can learn a surplus of each. It being weak to most of the Kahunas and a few trials isn't a dealbreaker, as you can find other Pokemon to fight as well.

Any of the starters work, but Incineroar is best, due to a wide movepool, a large Attack stat, and advantages against a fair amount of major battles.

Hope I helped!

You helped a lot. Thx
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I think rowlett would be best because he evolves into a ghost type and normal and fighting moves don’t effect a ghost type Pokemon. The ghost type is the only type with 2 immunities

Decidueye is weak to Kiawe, Acerola, Kahili, and some of Hau's team. Being a Ghost type doesn't automatically make it good.
Sure bout that? Because you can also get another pokemon for all that like Alolan Raichu or Turtonator
Yes, I'm sure being a Ghost type doesn't automatically make it good. Decidueye does have a good movepool and Attack, but it's not the best starter for a Nuzlocke. As I said, it has numerous weaknesses to important battles. It's also relatively frail, with its only "good" defensive stat being Special Defense. It also has the issue of being a Grass type, which aren't always the greatest in-game with their plethora of weaknesses, especially in a Nuzlocke.