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Something about time-changing with a wishing piece raid den idk? I got a Mienshao raid with one but I heard whispers that it might have been patched so I want to know before I waste time. I'd need a refresher on how it works anyway. I've never done it myself.


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It wasn't patched. This is how to perform the exploit:

  1. Turn off auto-saving and adjust your text to slow.
  2. Save using menu options when you’re next to the den, prior to using a Wishing Piece.
  3. Throw your Wishing Piece in the den. A red or purple beam will appear. As soon as it appears, press the home button on your Switch. If it’s not the desired color, close your game and reopen it. Repeat this step until reaching the desired color.
  4. Once the desired color is reached, save your game. Now interact with the den to see if you like the Pokémon it contains. If not, interact with the den again and click “invite others.” While in that menu, tap your Switch’s home button and click the gear-shaped settings button. Go down to “System” and hit “Date and Time.” Turn off the option that says “Synchronize Clock via Internet” and change the date to tomorrow’s date. Then go back into your game and back out of the menu. This will change the Pokémon contained in the den. Repeat this step until you get your desired Pokémon (source: inverse.com)

Source: This topic I made

The person that answered the question is reliable and trusted on the site.

Hope I helped!

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I kid, I kid. Thanks Giga!
No problem!
Wait, so this means I can't use my Mienshao raid. Damn! Foiled again.
I like how your source is you asking the same question on another site
It helps me get a reliable answer. When I can't find the answer to a question here myself, I make a topic on that board.
Why would you not be able to use your Mienshao raid
I had my auto-save on.
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Oh yeah it still works. Its actually progressed from just skipping a day to get another Pokemon. If you want you can get easy shiny Pokemon using this method.

The steps on how to perform the exploit are as follows.
1. Throw a wishing piece in a raid den and then go into it. Select invite others
2. While the clock is ticking hit the HOME button and go to System Settings, and then scroll all the way down to System.
3. Go to Date and Time and then move the day forward one day.
4. Go back into your game and exit the raid. You'll know you did it right if you can collect Watts from the Raid Den again. There should be a new Pokemon in your raid den.

Hope I helped!

Source: Experience of me getting every Gigantamax Pokemon before they were released, (plus many others.)

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I dont really think this answers the question. By "experience" have you done it recently? Like, within the past two weeks? He also wants to know how to properly do it. An actual source would be better for this type of question, and a step-by-step guide on how to do it
The guide you've provided me is ten months old. I was hoping for evidence that it hasn't been patched.
I understand that that video is 10 months old. I used this method when the Crown Tundra came out and am 200% sure it hasn't been patched. Game Freak never patches exploits and the recent patch was for battle mechanics only.