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Gastrodon has been a star Pokemon in gen7 in VGC (doubles). However, I was wondering if Gastrodon could have some success in this format due to its success in the past (winning worlds in 2019). Although the metagame is drastically different, I was still wondering if Gastrodon could potentially be a good fit on a few teams due to its superior typing (except for grass of course, where switching out is mandatory). Thus, the question is, how good is Gastrodon in VGC2021?

Im pretty dure its good, as band/scarf dracovish is a very good cleaner.
Also it can absorb max gysers, as well as being hard to break and packs yawn. It also has spread muddy water and earth power.
It win worlds in 2018, not 2019.

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You didn't ask on Smogon, so I asked for you.

One weakness in grass, gets ice moves, functions well in trick room, access to recover, can smack lando-t with ice beam, better support moveset with icy wind and yawn.

So yes Gastrodon is still good.