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By fail, I mean either:
Breaking out of the pokeball
The Pokemon they are trying to catch gets knocked out.

My friend told me that Wally can knock out the Ralts that he's trying to capture in Emerald but I don't believe him as I've played through emerald A LOT. And by a lot I mean probably 50 times by now. And it hasn't happened to me once. But I haven't found a single shiny in Emerald so I wouldn't be surprised if its actually true. Anyways thanks in advance!

I highly doubt it.  It is probably hard coded to go the same way every time but, I have not looked through the code so I will not make this an answer.
Bulbapedia says the catching tutorial has a roughly 1/8754 chance to fail. If you re-watch it 50 times, then the chance of seeing it fail at least once is about 1/176. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wally

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I'm gonna go ahead and say that no, it isn't. The people who code the catching tutorial into the Pokemon games (at Game Freak) obviously have thought of the scenario where the Pokemon gets a critical hit and it thus faints, or the "teacher" runs out of Poke Balls or something.

The thing is that this encounter is like a cut scene in the game. In most games (if not all, I believe it's in all games that have a Pokemon catching tutorial), the teacher will have a dialogue and say things like "Next click the Bag button" and so on, and often has some sort of hand to show you the way in these screens. What I'm trying to say is that, it's not a regular battle. It's a hard-coded cut scene that always does so and so much damage to the opposing Pokemon, and doesn't run the attacks made and the Poke Balls thrown through this regular mechanic where it might fail or a critical hit might happen, or anything like that. It's pre-fixed for the sake of a tutorial.
If you restart any game, you'll find that these tutorials always play out the exact same way in every way, and Wally for example says the exact same things at the same given times.

A tragic thing that can happen on the other hand is for Wally's Ralts that he's catching to be shiny... it won't stay that way if that happens, but still worth a mention.

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Then how can Wally make the Ralts faint?
Bulbapedia says Wally's capture tutorial in RSE can fail 1/8574 of the time. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wally
Thanks for that info, sumwun. I wasn't aware of that. My answer might be wrong then, but I'm not going to manually check all of the games I think. Sounds exhausting... :P
The answer should be corrected, though. Would you like to post a new answer?
The scope of the question could technically be narrowed down to just Wally anyway, since that's what's mentioned in the original post. :)
The Trivia list point on your link, sumwun, pretty much covers it actually in case you want to post that. I probably shouldn't edit mine since that's not really what I said to begin with
Given that RSE didn't have a hard-coded cutscene like you described, it's possible that other games' tutorials aren't hard-coded, either. The asker might want that information in an answer, so we might have to wait for someone else to post an answer about other games.
I'm not sure I was wrong about that part, entirely. Critical hits aren't possible, are they? It's still set up in a manner of pre-set events for the sake of catching a Pokemon and showing how it's done. Even if IVs aren't set in stone, most other elements are
Though, maybe cut scene could have been clearer. I guess that might be implying that it's just like a "video", which it seems almost like because of the extra hand and all showing the player around. Something in between, I suppose.
You can be more specific about what those "most other elements" are, and whether they're the same in every capture tutorial regardless of the game.