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For example, Clefable gets Soft-Boiled through gen 3 move tutors, which you can then transfer to gen 4 with the park, then to gen 5 with the dream area, then to gen 6 with poketransporter (but you need Pokemon bank, which is $10/year, then to gen 7 with Pokemon bank (for no additional cost), then to gen 8 with Pokemon home, which is $16/year. I believe it also gets Soft-Boiled through gen 1 virtual console move tutors/tms as well so you could also go Clefable from RBY Virtual Console on 3DS to Pokemon bank with poke transporter to Pokemon home to gen 8 SWSH.

So I want to know if it's possible to have Clefable with Teleport (since I know it's a gen 1 TM) and Soft-Boiled in gen 8. I think it is, but I also want to know if it's worth my time because I would need to spend some time and money. Here's all you need to know:

  • I have Pokemon Bank
  • I do not have RBY Virtual Console
  • I have a 3DS
  • I have a Switch
  • I have SWSH
  • I do not have Pokemon Home Premium, and if I must get it, I would prefer to pay for it yearly ($16/year)

So I guess basically all I need to know is how hard it is to get to a point where I can get Clefable with Soft Boiled in gen 1 virtual console and then transfer it and mint it and EV train, level it to 100 and bottle cap it. Oh yeah, and get a proper moveset on it.

This sounds like way too much work but I have a decent amount of money and way too much free time.

EDIT: So apparently Clefable only gets Teleport through gen 1 virtual console, not Soft-Boiled. So calculate it using the RSE method then. Forget Teleport, I'd rather have Soft-Boiled.

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Thanks for the info, Steph.
You'll need a DS or DS lite to transfer from gen 3 to 4. That should also cover the need for a second DS/DSi/3DS system to transfer from gen 4 to 5. Also, you'll need to have beaten one game in gen 4 (In HGSS you only need to have gotten to Pal Park and have national dex, so that's probably the faster one) and gen 5 each to unlock the transfer methods therein. Oh, and you'll only need a firered or leafgreen, or emerald. You will not have the tutors in Ruby or Sapphire alone.
I have a DS lite, I have DPP, I don’t have HGSS
Let me be more clear: of the things listed, which do you have
Firered or Leafgreen or Emerald with a savegame up to the move tutor locations  (Surf required but in Celadon for FR/LG, but it can only be done once per save. Emerald can be done repeatedly but need 16 BP in battle frontier which would take a lot more time to get to)
Any gen 5 game (Black/White/Black 2/ White 2) completed to the point where you can go to the Poke Transfer Lab (or w/e the name of it is), which in B/W is first game clear
A savegame in Diamond or Pearl (Or platinum) with the national dex

You don't actually need a gen 6 or 7 game unless you plan to Bottle Cap it in gen 7 (I forgot if those are still valid after transfer though) or Super Train it in gen 6, any pokemon in pokemon bank can immediately go to gen 8 without needing to be in any game gen 6 or 7

Also, please tell us how far, if even started or owned, you are in each of the above games if you haven't reached the required point in the game. And if you have more than one for gen 4 or 5 of a different release (Diamond and Pearl have the same release in this sense, as would Black 2 and White 2.) That is, DP vs Platinum for gen 4 and B/W vs B2/W2 for gen 5. This is due to different storylines, which will factor into length of gameplay up to the required point.

Note: I just checked, and you NEED FireRed or LeafGreen to obtain Clefable. Emerald would be good to have to transfer more than one, but it's line is only obtainable for the whole gen in FR/LG

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