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Buzzwole and Rillaboom buth commonly use Drain Punch on their sets. Buzzwole gets STAB, and that plus Bulk Up makes it quite a good user. Rillaboom gets Swords Dance, and that plus a Life Orb can make it do massive damage. Rillaboom does sometimes opt for Superpower, but Drain Punch is a very good choice. Buzzwole sometimes uses Close Combat, but Drain Punch is generally the preferred option.


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Close Combat is run on Buzzwole mostly from inexperienced players or players using the Scarfed set, which is far worse than the Bulk Up Drain Punch set.
Rillaboom's physical attack is a lot higher than its defenses, so it wants to do as much damage as possible. Superpower is almost always better than drain punch.
It should also be mentioned that Urshifu can run Drain Punch on Bulk Up + Sub sets.
But bulk up Urshifu is usually worse than choice band Urshifu.