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Hello again!
I am deciding whether to have Zen Headbutt or Fire Fang on my team? Fire Fang has coverage, but Zen Headbutt does more damage. Here are the other moves for Sandaconda:

  • High Horsepower
  • Zen Headbutt/Fire Fang
  • Glare
  • Iron Head

Any suggestions?

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In-game or competitive? If competitive, what format?
In game. Ability is Skin Shed
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In-game, it doesn't really matter. You should check the rest of your team, and see which you need more coverage for -- Poison and Fighting types, or Grass, Steel, Fire and Ice types. I personally would opt for Fire Fang to cover Sandaconda's weakness to Grass and Ice, but Zen Headbutt is a very solid, higher-powered move and is a very viable alternative.

Note that I would actually consider getting rid of Glare and using both moves, as paralysis is not usually worth a moveslot in-game, especially not in Sword and Shield.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! After taking a look at Sandaconda's stats, I've decided to do what you said, and use both. As Sandaconda has pretty decent speed.
You're welcome!
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