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I have never used it and recently got to know from my friend that it's got a great animation of Pokémon coming out. Can anyone give me a clip of it and where to find it?
(Well my friend won't tell me where it is so uh, I need to know that too)
Thanks in advance!

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are you asking like videos
if yes i  have the answer
Yes video of animation and where is it.
You can buy Repeat Balls from the Rustboro City Pokemart after getting one from a Devon employee on Route 116.
And....... animation?
Well they commented instead of answer since they only answered a part of the question :P
I can't find an animation.
Great! This'll be a permanent unanswered question! :wowi:
Worst case scenario this'll be up for a week until someone finally bothers to play a rom and record it themselves.
Are you asking for what the animation looks like in Ruby/Sapphire, or what it looks like as of Gen 8?
The tag and the description says Gen 3 and RSE.

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You can get the repeat ball from a Devon employee or route 116, and then it becomes buyable at the Rustboro City Pokemart. As for those animations you wanted, here: https://youtu.be/4fpp8hX0PW4

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Also after you get the 5th Gym Badge.
Thank you!