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I'm currently running Sheer Force Nidoking. This is the set:

Nidoking @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
- Earth Power
- Sludge Wave
- Flamethrower
- Ice Beam

Im running max speed but then most of the time it gets outsped. So how much speed investment should I give it and what should I do with the remaining EVs?

Format is Gen 8 OU.

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Maybe modest scarf?
Choice Scarf is only 4% used on it while Modest Nature is ran on 17% of them, so not all Modest Nature Nidoking are Choiced.

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Max Speed or 252 Spe Timid.

On ladder with ELO > 1825, Nidoking runs Timid Nature 252 Spe 56% of the time.

I also asked this on Smogon forums. A user named Zneon answered this:

It runs max Speed most of the time yes and its ability to outspeed Timid Heatran and speed tie with opposing Nidoking is pretty valuable since Modest doesn't 2HKO or KO targets that Nidoking wouldn't already do with a Timid nature.


And with the remaining EVs, since you're not running Superpower for Blissey it's safe to assume that you should invest other EVs in Special Attack to maximise damage output. The rest 4 EVs should go to HP since you're not running Substitute as J told.

Hope this helps!

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You should also mention where the other 256 EVs go like they asked.  Usually they go 252 SpA and 4 SpD of HP or Attack..  I believe usually 4 SpD is used On Substitute sets, but otherwise 4 HP,, unless running Superpower.
Oh my bad. Let me add it :p