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Why I ask this because for FEAR Donphan since it has sturdy and can learn endeavor and ice shard.


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Normally, underleveled Pokemon are a low priority since you don't normally benefit your team by using them. But the specter of incoming Go transfers allows one intriguing possibility for the first time with significant potential behind it: FEAR Donphan.

With Go allowing the transfer of level 1 Donphan, then, this allows it to have just 12 HP, low enough that it can reasonably expect to use Endeavor against targets that have more than eight times as much HP as it does, the magical threshold required for a full Shell Bell replenishment. This, in turn, enables Donphan to check off a combination of boxes that no FEAR-mon has ever been able to access before, particularly with regard to repeatability. Or...it would, if it could be cleared to obtain that set. Phanpy and Donphan are still snapped species from Galar, even after Crown Tundra, so at the moment if you send one of those to Home, it is stuck there with no way to perform any kind of manipulation on it from any game. Go->Home transfers receive default level-up movesets for their current level, which notably don't include egg moves, and level 1 Donphan would therefore probably transfer with something like Horn Attack/Bulldoze/Growl/Defense Curl and be immutable as long as it remained in Home.


You can get it, but you can't transfer it to a main series game.

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Thanks,I really hope it was possible in Main series
It might be able to be used if Donphan is included in the next generation. We don't know if it would be legal competitively, though.