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Hello, I'm not sure as to whether run Throat Spray or Choice Specs on my Noivern. Is one better than the other? Or is there another item that is superior?

What format are you playing?
Anything Goes
Noivern sucks in AG.Why would you use it there?
Well I'm just trying out some new things, and Noivern is one of my favorites
Umm,ok but other dragons are better.If you use noivern,expect bad results.

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First of all, Noivern is not even close to viable in Anything Goes. It's better in RU and Monotype. Heavy-Duty Boots are the best item for Noivern, because it's weak to Stealth Rock and acts as a pivoter with U-turn. It's prone to getting chipped down by the very prevalent hazards.

Choice Specs are probably the second best choice, as they really help Noivern rip a hole in a lot of things. STAB Specs Draco Meteor hits hard. Do note that if you plan on switching in and out, you'll be worn down a lot.

Hope I helped!

I see, thank you for the info
You're welcome.
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There are three items that I would suggest: Heavy Duty boots, life orb or Choice Specs. One of the problems of throat spray is a dependency on moves such as boomburst, which is actually never suggested on any of the analyses of Noivern. The best dragon stab is Draco Meteor, and you want more power with that.

Here is the reasoning for Heavy Duty Boots:

Heavy Duty Boots are useful to avoid unnecessary damage from stealth rock which doesn't do noivern any favors.

The reasoning of Choice Specs:

Choice specs are good, but you have to be careful of locking into Draco Meteor. Otherwise, a good boosting move.

Life orb reasoning:

Life orb is just a solid move used for sweepers to inflict huge damage.

Remember, Noivern is not viable at all. But, if you want to use it, here are the reasonings.