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in pokemon xd gale of darkness i have cmpleted the game and i want to know how to complete it easy

i mean i have two pokemon at lvl 100 and i'm TOO LAZY for raise the others, and i want to know if there are a good method or easy

i want the lucky egg please help!

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I would love to help but I've only played Pokemon Colloseum :/

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Sorry rex but the only way to get a Lucky Egg is this way:

Step 1:
The first step to getting this quest on the go is to complete the game, at least get to the point of defeating Deathgold on Nickledark Island.

Step 2:
The next step is to take part in the first round of the Orre Colosseum, and defeat Lovelina in it. Once that's done the next step is to be partaken.

Step 3:
By now you'll recieve and e-mail from Eagun's wife explaining that there is something weird happening to Pokémon in Agate Village. Go to Agate Village and go see Eagun's wife. She will tell you that the Overworld Pokémon in Agate have all gone mute, especially Bilbo's Wobbuffet. After talking to Bilbo, go to the Pokémon Center and talk to the Old Man, he has bought some old machines of Professor Kaminko that are to translate Pokémon Speech

Step 4:
So it turns out Bilbo has put a translator onto his Wobbuffet to try and understand his Wobbuffet and that's why it, and the other Pokémon have gone mute. Go back to Professor Kaminko's house and he, while shocked that those inventions got out, will give you the first Voice Capsule to go and save the Pokémon...

I know this doesn't really but that is the only way to get a Lucky Egg (I bet you already knew this.)