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If Earthquake is used against a Flying-type which is in Dig/Dive's semi-invulnerable turn, they don't lose their Ground-immunity. What's the logic behind that?

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Hmm, it is exactly similar though I had like to know the logic behind that.
I changed the question so that it only involves logic—now it doesn't count as a dupe (I guess)?

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On flying types, earthquake does nothing even when digged


Flying type mon using dive is a different story though. On flying type dig, it doesn't affect but on dive it says missed


I tried the same with levitate and even underground, levitate takes effect


Probably gamefreak logic. Even I am curious why mudshot doesn't affect flying types when that move isn't grounded at all

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I edited the question a bit—I guess I don't need the replays any more. Also, if you answer only with GameFreak logic it's kinda inadequate :P
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To be honest, there really isn't any logical explanation for that. Even a bird that's on the ground will shake when mother earth is mad. The only explanation I can think of, that doesn't even makes sense, is that non grounded targets have some sort of aura or magic or whatever that protects them from the earth itself. Something like an innate ability which the move gravity completely removes for whatever reason. Although if someone asks gamefreak they would say 'hey we made this game. We can do whatever we want and you'll still buy it'
I see. Thanks.