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If you didn't know, in XY there are two themes from previous games that were remastered and put into XY as pieces of music. These two were Jubilife City and the Emotion theme from BW. The emotion theme is played when talking to your rival in Coumarine City, but I am not aware of where the Jubilife City theme plays.


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By talking to a woman in Snowbelle City.

“but also a wintery piano rendition of Jubilife City, aptly placed in Snowbelle City”

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I have both of these songs in my playlist and they are not the same. https://youtu.be/iabhM-i43XI
These songs are not very similar at all...
You want a few more sources? Also, I forgot to mention that you have to talk to a certain lady there
Oh, ok the guy changes the music to Jubilife. Ok makes sense now. Thanks
You’re welcome! Sorry for the confusion, I missed a detail lol