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I mean, it used to be in OU, why is it in RU now? Thx

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Because this thing is absolute garbage without rain and rain isn't that great of a playstyle atm. Rain has a lot of issues with the first being Rillaboom being such a common presence and it doesn't give two craps about Barra outspeeding everything under rain. While rain does have options to deal with Rilla, they are all crippled by knock off or turned into you turn fodder. Barraskweda also has its own issues in the form of Toxapex, which it can barely do anything even with psychic fangs as Pex can simply scout its moves before switching to an appropriate response. If Toxapex and Rillaboom isn't enough, then everyone and their mothers love bulky grasses as they are some of the more reliable methods to somewhat contain the dominant physical attackers in Kartana, Rillaboom and especially Garchomp. Metal birbs with rocky helmets can also beat Barra if they get a safe switch

That's really all there is to it. Barraskwda is only ever used in rain. You would have to be crazier than Lex Luthor if you wanna use this outside of rain

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Forgot to add, rain is also very exploitable and can easily backfire. There is only one culprit that can do this but it can easily rip apart rain and that is none other than Tornadus. It is among the best breakers right now only held back by its wobbly aim. If you give it the one thing it requires to aim accurately, it can rip apart rain. You will watch in horror as your rain team gets picked off one at a time and leave you vulnerable to its team
also to add: anything with thunder destroys lots of most rain teams
Not necessarily. Rain teams usually have, or rather, should have a ground type and Ferrothorn so stray thunders shouldn't be that much of an issue
252+ Atk Rillaboom Grassy Glide vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Barraskewda in Grassy Terrain: 480-566 (182.5 - 215.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO
You're right, Rillaboom can destroy this Pokémon even in rain.