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I have been playing Pokemon for quite some time and whenever I go to the net and search for In - Game teams, they never include Legendary Pokemon. Even in Pokemondb's In - Game teams questions, it is written that not including legendaries is a unspoken rule of In - game teams. Why is this so?

Yeah I don't get that either, I always use the legendary on my team when I get it ;-;

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@FanPoke was slightly right in how he said it makes your playthrough easier. But say it is the Legendary Birds or Beasts. Those aren’t incredibly powerful, and those won’t bust your playthroughs. And you said ”looked down upon”. I wouldn’t say that. I think every fan has their reasons why they don’t use a legendary. I will list the most common ones for you.

  • The Legendary is at the very end of the Playthrough, like Mewtwo in Kanto or Zacian in Galar.

  • The Legendary is very powerful, and you can get it before the Champion Fight. So people don’t use it, like Eternatus in Galar or Necrozma in Alola.

  • You simply just won’t come across the Legendary with purposely looking for it. An example is Articuno, you are most likely not gonna wander that deep into Seafoam islands.

  • They care about type overlap on there team. Say in Johto, you pick Cyndaquil, and Ho-Oh is the legendary you find. Most players won’t take their starter off for a Legendary.

  • The Legendary requires effort to obtain, and the player doesn’t want to use their time on that. Like on of the Legendary Beasts, or maybe a specific legendary in Ultra Wormholes or Max Liars.

  • And finally, the final reason and the reason I don’t use legendaries in playthroughs is just some kinda mental rule that the player just kinda agrees on. The rule is not to use legendaries.

I think that is all! Now, you said people as a collective group. I think you are wrong there. More people use legendaries then not in playthroughs. I personally used Eternatus on my Shield Team, and later put Zamazenta on it once I could. But I think those are the reasons people don’t use legendaries on teams.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks a lot @Obstagoon-Marnie. I asked this question because Legendaries make your playthroughs more interesting and joy of catching one is awesome. I remember sweeping the USUM E4 and Champion using just Incineroar, Dusk Mane Necrozma and Magnezone
Another reason people might not use Legendaries is because they don't want to switch out a Pokémon they are attached to.
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BECAUSE people don't want their playthroughs to be already easier than they already are.And besides,legendaries are end game mon so you will probably have a team of 6 at that point.and WHY would anyone want to replace a Pokemon with which one has gone so much through for a Pokemon that will just make their playthroughs boring?

Since when were legendaries so busted you could very easily destroy the entire game with them? Either they are slightly better than your current Pokemon (sometimes worse) or ridiculously broken like Gen 1 Mewtwo but at the very end of the game. Did you know that some people try to finish their playthroughs quickly (such as speedrunners) by using GOOD pokemon at the end of the game instead of the mons they've used for a while?