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I really want to use an Absol and I saw that having a Fire type move really boosts type coverage. Not only that, but it helps with the Ferrothorn and Scizors who often wall Absol. Even though Absol's special attack isn't that good, would Flamethrower or Fire Blast still be a good option for it, just to get a surprise KO on Scizors/Ferrothorns trying to switch in?
I was planning on having:
Ability: Super Luck Item: Scope Lens
Suck Punch-STAB, fixes Absol's speed issue
Night Slash-more reliable STAB
Psycho Cut-coverage for fighting types
Close Combat-for steel types

This is for Generation 8. Not for competitive.

EDIT: What would also be a good nature for it so that it's special moves to decent damage, without taking away from its physical moves?

If its ingame, Flamethrower is probably best because of better PP and 100% accuracy.

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They aren’t very good
Absol has 130 attack, compared to a pitiful 75 Special Attack. In many cases, a STAB physical move will do more than a super effective flamethrower or fire blast. Scizor and Ferrothorn are hit by Close Combat, and using a move just for two Pokémon that aren’t in most in-game trainer’s teams isn’t a great idea.

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Absol-lutely not lol
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