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Meaning evolution only Pokemon, and breeding Pokemon, as well as Pokemon that are only obtained in gifts.

I could be wrong, but shouldn’t a question like this be split across generations or specific games to make it easier to throughly answer? @staff, what do you think? Also flagging purely because I want fizz or someone to see my suggestion here
Okay, if you'd like, I'll split it into 8 Qs, one for each Generation, I'll wait to see if anyone else has the same thought, like a staff though, before doing it so people don't think I'm spamming qs.
I don't think there's a problem with the way this is asked, at least not one that's worth removing it for.
Okay, thanks Fizz, I won't change it then.
I want to answer this; do the static encounters/one of a kind Pokémon count as wild?
Yes. Static Pokemon, like Legends and such do. One of a kind does, unless it's a one of a kind gift, or trade or other thing like that.
Alright, so anything that you can catch would be considered wild and anything that isn’t wouldn’t be? Alright, got that!

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