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Talking about Pokémon that an NPC will basically just give you in-game. Examples include Eevee (just sitting there in Celadon or from Bill in Goldenrod), Lapras (Silph Co or just before Coumarine) and Zorua (Unova).

this has been asked
Fortuneatly for me it was only asked about Platinum, not all the games.
No, There was one that was "what are all pokemon obtained through gift or interaction throughout all the core games?" or something like that.
Do you have a link to it?
Nope. I do not.

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Here we go (cracks knuckles)

Gen 1

-Aerodactyl (Old Amber) - Pewter Museum from Old Scientist.
-Magikarp - Route 4 Pokemon center from Magikarp Salesmen.
-Omanyte (Helix Fossil) - Mt. Moon from unnamed nerd.
-Kabuto (Dome Fossil) - Mt. Moon from unnamed nerd.
-Bulbasaur (Yellow only) - Cerulean City from unnamed trainer.
-Charmander (Yellow only) - Route 24 from unnamed trainer.
-Squirtle (Yellow only) - Vermilion City from Officer Jenny
-Hitmonlee - Fighting Dojo from Karate Master.
-Hitmonchan - Fighting Dojo from Karate Master.
-Eevee - Celadon Masnsion rooftop.
-Lapras - Silph co. 7F from Silph Employee.

Gen 2

-Togepi (egg) - Violet City Pokemon Center from Elms' aide.
-Pichu/Clefa/Igglybuff/Tyrogue/Smoochum/Elekid/Magby (egg, Crystal only) - Day Care Center from Day Care Man.
-Spearow Goldenrod City north gate from Randy.
-Eevee - Bill's house in Goldenrod City from Bill.
-Shuckle - Cianwood City from Mania
-Dratini (Crystal only) - Dragon's Den from Master.
-Tyrogue - Mt. Mortar B1F from Kiyo
-Mareep/Wooper/Slugma (HG/SS) - Violet City Pokemon Center from Primo.
-Treeko/Torchic/Mudkip (HG/SS) - Silph Co. from Steven.

Gen 3

-Wynaut (egg, +ORAS) - Lavaridge town from Expert.
-Castform (+ORAS) - Weather Institute from Scientist.
-Beldum (+ORAS) - Steven's House in Mossdeep City from Steven.
-Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile (+ORAS) - Littleroot Town from Professor Birch.
-Cosplay Pikachu (ORAS) - Any Contest Hall from Breeder
-Latias (AS)/Latios (OR) - Southern Island.
-Togepi (egg, ORAS) - Lavaridge Town from Expert.
-Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott (ORAS) - Route 101 from Birch.
-Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup (ORAS) - Route 101 from Birch.
-Camerupt (OR)/Sharpedo (AS) - Battle Resort from Grunt.

Gen 4

-Togepi (egg, Platinum only) - Eterna City west gate from Cynthia.
-Eevee - Hearthome City from Bebe.
-Happiny (egg, D/P only) - Heathome City west gate from Hiker.
-Porygon (Platinum only) - Veilstone city from Pokefan.
-Riolu (egg) - Iron Island from Riley.

Gen 5

-Pansear/Pansage/Panpour - Dreamyard from unnamed girl.
-Zorua - Gamefreak HQ 1f in Castelia City from unnamed girl.
-Tirtouga (Cover Fossil)/Archen (Plume Fossil) - Relic Castle from backpacker.
-Larvesta (egg) - Route 18 rest house from Ranger.
-Omanyte|Kabuto|Aerodactyl|Lileep|Anorith|Cranidos|Shieldon - Twist Mountain from Worker, one per day randomly.
-Magikarp - Marvelous Birdge from Magikarp Salesman.

-N's Zorua - Driftveil City from Rood.
-Deerling - Route 6 Weather Institute from a researcher.
-Eevee - Castelia City from Amanita.
-Omanyte|Kabuto|Aerodactyl|Lileep|Anorith|Cranidos|Shieldon|Tirtouga|Archen - Join Avenue from the Antique Shop.
-Magikarp - Marvelous Bridge from Magikarp Salesman.
-Happiny (egg) - Nacrene City west gate from breeder.
-Omanyte|Kabuto|Aerodactyl|Lileep|Anorith|Cranidos|Shieldon - Twist Mountain from Worker, one per day randomly.
-Tirtouga/Archen - Nacrene City museum from Lenora.
-Dratini (W)/Gible (B) (shiny) - Floccesy Town from Benga.

Gen 6

-Bulbasuar/Charmander/Squirtle - Lumiose City from Professor Sycamore.
-Tyraunt (Jaw fossil)/Amaura (Sail fossil) - Glittering Cave from Fossil Lab assistant.
-Lucario - Tower of Mastery from Korrina.
-Lapras - Route 12 from Breeder.

Gen 7

-Eevee (egg) - Pinola Ranch from Breeder.
-Shieldon (Armor Fossil, Moon)|Archen (Plume Fossil, Moon)|Cranidos (Skull Fossil, Sun)|Tirtouga (Cover Fossil, Sun)
-Porygon - Aether House from AF Employee.
-Type: Null - Aether Paradise from Gladion.

Any corrections are welcome.

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HAHAHAHA that actually made me laugh, not just rapidly exhale air from my nose. Thanks xD!.
You forgot the starter you get from Teirno, (Fenniken, Froakie, Chespin) but nice answer anyways.
Well technically every starter is a gift Pokemon but I didnt want to state the obvious.
It confused me for a moment because you said 'generations' when you meant regions. For example, the Hoenn starters don't yet exist in Gold/Silver, yet it says you can get them in generation 2. You do get them in HGSS, so I think you should have gone by game instead of by generation.