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If I switched my date on my Switch to enter an event code only available on that date in mystery gift and I typed the code in, would I get the event Pokemon/Item or would I not get it? Also, IDK what tags to put.

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Question doesn't specifically ask for anything about the Switch games, but the answer applies to both.
Nope, since it checks the server’s time and date (which is unchangeable).
Oh, can you convert that into an answer?
If Stephwheel doesn't answer, I will.

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According to the comments, and the question in the comments, the answer is No, because the newer games check the actual time and date using the internet making it impossible to get a past event.
Source: Comments and https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/314027/will-changing-the-date-on-my-3ds-mean-can-access-older-events.

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