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"Exp. Farm Pokémons: Wild mons' that'd give a lot of Exp. Points (800-1000~) despite being a low-level (15~) when defeated.

Gen 5 has Audino, Gen 1 has Chansey/Blissey, etc. I'm just curious. I hope that this question is alright.

They still exist, and they're some of the best sources of EXP, are they not?
in RSE there's manectric at route 118 which gives more EXP then lairon
EXP Candy XL isn't a pokemon. Its a item.
For RSE:
Sky Pillar is a good place to grind especially the EXP yield of Pokémons in there is pretty high.
Victory Road have stupid Pokémon with low EXP yield, Loudred and Lairon have 126 and 152 and Hariyama and Golbat are the only Pokémon with high EXP yield.
Sky Pillar has Altaria, Banette/Dusclops, Claydol and Golbat which all of them have high EXP yield. (Not counting Mawile/Sableye).
I'm just going to convert to a comment, seeing as my information about Gen 3 is mistaken.

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