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So for fun I put pikachu in the gts in home for a kyurem, then it was actually answered, it was shiny so I was sus. I checked it’s iv’s in sword-shield and it is perfect with its ivs. What do I do? Will I be banned? Someone please help. Thanks!

As far as I know, you won't be banned as long as you don't use the hacked Kyurem in Max Raids or online battles in Sword/Shield. I'd personally release it to be safe
@Kyogre u can't use ur own pokemon is DAs, right?
Wait, you're right. I don't have the DLC, I forgot lol

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Totally up to you.

If you’re worried about being banned, it’s probably best to release it. Using it in online features leaves you a chance with getting banned. If it were any other Pokémon, I’d say use it for breeding purposes, but unfortunately Kyurem can’t breed.

In conclusion: don’t use it online, but otherwise do what you want with it and it shouldn’t be an issue

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Thank you so much! I’m just gonna release it and trade more carefully. I really appreciate this! Thank you!