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Can someone give me a list of type boosting items (plates, charcoal, ect) & by how much they boost your move of that type.

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Here they are, organised by the type it raises. They all raise the power of that type of move by 20%.

  • Normal: Silk Scarf, Pink Bow, Polkadot Bow
  • Fire: Flame Plate, Charcoal
  • Water: Splash Plate, Sea Incense, Wave Incense, Mystic Water
  • Electric: Zap Plate, Magnet
  • Grass: Meadow Plate, Rose Incense, Miracle Seed
  • Ice: Icicle Plate, NeverMeltIce
  • Fighting: Fist Plate, Black Belt
  • Poison: Toxic Plate, Poison Barb
  • Ground: Earth Plate, Soft Sand
  • Flying: Sky Plate, Sharp Beak
  • Psychic: Mind Plate, Odd Incense, TwistedSpoon
  • Bug: Insect Plate, SilverPowder
  • Rock: Stone Plate, Rock Incense, Hard Stone
  • Ghost: Spooky Plate, Spell Tag
  • Dragon: Draco Plate, Dragon Fang
  • Dark: Dread Plate, BlackGlasses
  • Steel: Iron Plate, Metal Coat

There are also Gems for every type (Normal Gem, Fire Gem etc), which raise the power of that type move by 50%, for one use only.

There are also orbs for specific Pokemon:

  • Adamant Orb for Dialga raises Dragon and Steel moves by 20%.
  • Lustrous Orb for Palkia raises Dragon and Water moves by 20%.
  • Griseous Orb for Giratina raises Dragon and Ghost moves by 20%.
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Thanks. I didn't know about the 20% thing.
So far, just the Pixie Plate and Fairy Gem increase the power of Fairy-type moves (only once for the Gem). Do note that Silvally's Memories only affect its own move of Multi-Attack.
Latios + Latias Han have soul dew (dragon + psychic)
ok thx :P
20% = X1.2 50% = X1.5
You mean "increase by 20%" is 120% times the normal value, which is 1.2x.
Also, you mean "increase by 50%" is 150% times the normal value, which is 1.5x.
mega torchic its because it isnt on there... the pixie plate and the fairy gem(single use) boost fairy