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I'd say it's pretty useful, but Gardevoir and Kadabra are better in almost every way.

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  • It is a good flyer.
  • It is available early.
  • It evolves early.
  • It takes care of Brawly.
  • Solid speed of 125, average Atk stat of 85.
  • Gets Access of some solid stabs such as Fly, Double Edge and coverage moves such as Steel Wing (all other flyers do...)

It is great in-game as a Flyer, but Gardevoir and Kadabra are better to take care of Fighting types (as sumwun said). Dodrio is also better than Swellow, having higher Atk stat but available late.

Hope this helps :)

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STAB+Silk Scarf Guts-Boosted Facade is a good combo as well