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Per type of card please

do you mean the expansions of the packs in them?
I have no idea what that means I just bought the box
Other than the Calyrex-Shadow/Ice V, the cards are not out of the ordinary.
I believe the only box cards are the Calyrex rider cards. Expansions are the "brand" of cards that are on the front of the pack. I believe the current expansion is Chilling Reign, and Evolving Skies is coming soon.

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The box contains:

1 Calyrex-Shadow Rider V Card

1 Oversized Calyrex-Shadow V Card

2 Chilling Reign card packs

1 Rebel Clash card pack

1 Darkness Ablaze card pack

Source: YouTube videos of people opening the box

(If this isn’t what you meant, could you please elaborate on what you did mean?)

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I didn’t realize the packs were all different so that makes a lot of sense. I’ll have to ask about each of them individually sometime lol