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I have a team in mind but just wanted to know whether brnzong is better or not.
my team is given below so you can figure it out -

  • infernape
  • luxray
  • togekiss
  • weavile
  • vaporeon
  • bronzong or gardevoir

also this is gen 4 platinum game mechanics.

Is this for competitive or in game?
in game team
I think Gardevoir is better than Bronzong, but Kadabra and Azelf are better than Gardevoir.
Kadabra is worse than Gardevoir and Azelf if you don't evolve it. Gardevoir and Azelf both have base 125 SpA and Kadabra only has 120. Once you evolve it, it will have base 135 SpA. If he can't trade, then he should go with either Gardevoir or Azelf.
That's only a five difference and Kadabra has a movepool that's just as colorful
Kadabra has boosted experience gain and medium slow leveling rate and evolves at level 16, while Gardevoir has slow leveling rate and evolves at level 30. Kadabra's speed is much higher than Gardevoir's. Both have low HP and physical defense, so there are several opponents that can outspeed and OHKO Gardevoir and cannot do the same to Kadabra.

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Gardevoir Is Better Than Bronzong Having High Special Attack And Good Speed Than It But Till GEN 5 Steel Resisted Dark And Ghost Making A Steel/Psychic Type Having Only Two Weaknesses - Ground And Fire But Bronzong Had Two Abilities Two Counter It's Weaknesses - 1. Levitate - Making It Immune To Ground Moves.
2. Heatproof - reduces the damage taken from Fire-type moves by 50% And Bronzong Also Have Good Defense And Good Special Defense Making It A Tank. But Still I Would Recommend You Gardevoir Or If You Want An Even Stronger Pokemon You Can Count On Alakazam. Here You Go Moveset For Two Of Them.

Ability: Levitate Or Heatproof
IVs: 0 Spe
- Gyro Ball - More power the slower the user than the target.
- Payback - Power doubles if the user moves after the target.
- Psychic - STAB
- Calm Mind - Makes It Really Bulky And Offensive.

Ability: Synchronize
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psychic - STAB
- Calm Mind/Double Team
- Shadow Ball - To Counter Ghost Type Pokemon.
- Shock Wave - Electric Type Coverage.

Bonus -
Alakazam - If You Can't Have Alakazam Kadabra Is Completely Fine.
Ability: Synchronize
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psychic - STAB
- Grass Knot - Grass Type Coverage.
- Focus Blast - To Counter Dark Type Pokemon.
- Shadow Ball - To Counter Ghost Type Pokemon.

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Just wanna point out that energy ball is post game so Zam can't learn it until then. You might wanna slash it with grass knot which is usually just as good. Also, you might wanna mention that if he can't have Zam, then Kadabra would do fine
You mentioned  zero IVs for them but is supposed to be EVs?
They are IVs itself, but it isn't necessary in-game, because they are random and you cannot check them.
Yeah EVS Are Random Through The Playthrough So It Doesn't Matter And The Same Goes To IVS.
Also Thanks First Sinner For Pointing Out My Mistakes.