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I need to train for the elite for in emerald and I don't know how much to train.
My team is:
Blaziken lvl. 50:
Brick Break
Bulk Up

Flygon lvl. 46:
Giga Drain
Dragon Claw

Starmie lvl. 47:

Gardevoir lvl. 42:
Calm Mind

Absol lvl. 40:
Swords Dance
Aerial Ace
Shadow Ball
Tropius lvl. 25: (slave)
Rock Smash

Any information will help
Thank you.

Well, since you don't need the HM slave for the elite 4, I'd say replace it with your best boxed pokemon, and grind everyone up to around level 56 - 58.
I recommend replacing Absol's aerial ace with strength or return and then just challenge the Pokemon League until you get enough experience to win. This should be a lot faster than grinding against wild Pokemon or low level trainers.
@Hyphen I think it's better to keep the HM slave to absorb intimidates and stuff like that. Using 6 Pokemon means each Pokemon gets less experience.

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Now I have a lot of know ledge about gen 3 so here is a few suggetions I would like to give you -

  • train to about the mid fiftys for easy e4
  • give berries suitable for the match if you can find
  • start sydney battle with tropius for intimidate and sack it for blaziken
  • sweap glacia and sydney with blaziken and keep gardevoir as back up for glacia and flygon as backup for sydney
  • sweap pheobe with absol and keep blaziken with fire moves for back up.
  • starmie for drake and flygon for backup
  • gardevoir for wallus and starmie backup

if you follow this I think you'll be able to beat emerald e4 easy

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Hey Tropius Doesn't Have The Ability Intimidiate - https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/tropius#dex-basics
They meant to send out Tropius so Blaziken doesn't get Intimidated
@SKYLER what I meant by tropius for intimidate is that sydney starts of whit a mightyana that has intimidate that will not allow you to properly sweep with the askers blaziken so let tropius take the intimidate and let it faint for an easy switch into blaziken.
you spell knowledge wrong, why i pay so much attention to grammar :/
Oh Sorry I Understood.
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Elite 1: Weak to fighting - LV 60 Blaziken + Breloom (Black belt, Sleep & Fighting move Kill) normally can 2HKO with focus punch/sky uppercut when foe sleep

Elite 2: Dark hero can kill, either Absol / Sharpedo / Mightyena / Shiftry @Lv60 bite/crunch can handle, sleep & switch for dark mons and kill

Elite 3: Same as elite 1

Elite 4: Rayquaza available in Emerald before Elite 4, catch it and outrage every mons (Dragon move supereffective to all foe mons here), switch out when confusion, and switch in back

Elite champion wallace:
Ampharos (Gyarados, wailmer, milotic, tentacruel)
Rayquaza (Ludicolo, whiscash)

If average lv 55, maximum need 20 revive + 20 Full restore + 30 hyper portion
Rayquaza has rest, use it wisely

How can you get Amphy in Emerald?
~TastyMushroom~ ):<, you can get Mareep in the Safari Zone.
Catch Mareep and evolve at lv 49&50 for moveset purpose.
Btw, if you dont want rayquaza, Walrein (from Spheal) can help with ice type attacks (icebeam blizzard) and OHKO sheer cold (if i didnt remember wrong), but accuracy is an issue here. and need to set up Hail which may also cause your team to be accidentally injured.
Gardevoir starmie flygon does not have much effect in beating elite 4, as you cant super effective to them, but they can simply revenge kill. Flygon has ice 4x weakness, starmie not supper effective as they have alot of water type, gardevoir is much too fragile, also there is no fairy moves for foe dragon typing.

Pretty sure you have to defeat E4, only then you can catch a Mareep.

Also, it isn't in Emerald Pokedex.
My bad to mix up pre-post elite 4 mons.. I think pikachu or magneton can also do the same thing btw, or some mons with access to thunder move will do as well. Since author has starmie, let starmie do the job will also make it.
By the way I am pretty sure ampharos is present.. I just caught one in emerald around weeks ago...