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Now this isn't like a typing being changed. Like scyther and scizor, where first it was a bug-flying but after evolution its bug-steel. Its a typing being completely LOST but not being replaced by another typing. Is there any such Pokemon?

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off the top of my head i can think of only mega aggron. dunno if that even counts tho
Eevee (filler)
There is also Bellossom, which loses its Poison typing.
Is this a dupe? The questions are slightly different but the answer to it will include anything that would be included in the answer to this question.
That question says Bellossom loses the poison type and mega Aggron loses its rock type.
This is not a duplicate question.

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The only ones who lose a type upon evolving are those mentioned in the comments already.
Bellossom loses the Poison-typing after evolving from Gloom and Aggron Mega Evolving causes it to lose its Rock-typing.

Source: Looking through the evolution chains page and the two Megas pages.

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Most Pokémon who evolve gain a secondary type upon evolution, while others lose a type and gain another simultaneously.
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There's a few examples of Pokemon that share no types with their pre-evolutions.

The obvious one is Eevee, who is normal type, but has evolutions in 8 different types.
Cubone can also evolve into Alolan Marowak, which has two types, neither of which being ground.

It's not especially common, but it does happen. The reality is it's rare because evolutions tend to want to show some similarities by design, and typing is a great way of signaling this. That doesn't mean it's impossible if there's a better fit though.

I don't think either of these answers the question. It asks for a type that gets completely lost, not replaced. Eevee's normal type gets replaced by another type when evolving. Cubone's ground type gets replaced by fire when evolving into Alolan Marowak.
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I'll post a few that I know:
Torracat becomes Incineroar which adds the "Dark" typing to its fire typing

Brionne becomes Primarina which adds the "Fairy" typing to its water typing

Seedot becomes Nuzleaf which adds the "Dark" typing to its grass typing

Charmeleon becomes Charizard which adds the "Flying" typing to its fire typing

Metapod becomes Butterfree which adds the "Flying" typing to its bug typing

Pikachu (in Alola) becomes (Alolan) Raichu which adds the "Psychic" typing to its electric typing

Nidorino & Nidorina become Nidoking (Nidorino) & Nidoqueen (Nidorina) which both add the "Ground" typing to their poison typing

(Alolan) Vulpix becomes (Alolan) Ninetales which adds the "Fairy" typing to its ice typing

Poliwhirl can become Poliwrath which adds the "Fighting" typing to its water typing

(Galarian) Ponyta becomes (Galarian) Rapidash which adds the "Fairy" typing to its psychic typing

(Galarian) Slowpoke becomes either (Galarian) Slowbro or (Galarian) Slowking which adds the "Poison" typing to its psychic typing

Shellder becomes Cloyster which adds the "Ice" typing to its water typing

that was way more than a few but whatever

They asked which loses typing on evolution, not which adds....
oh I didn't read what they said, I misread the title as well