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I can’t get a protean Froakie for some reason. I have been hatching countless eggs, around 20 to be exact, and they have all been Froakie. I am new to breeding in general so I don’t know much other than one has to have HD if you want an HD Pokemon and that they have to be in the same egg group in this case Water 1.


Male: Greninja
Held Item: Splash Plate
Ability: Torrent

Female: Slowpoke
Held Item: None
Ability: Rengenerator

I don't care about special egg moves, I just want a protean Greninja for my playthrough but I don't see why they aren't producing an HD Pokemon.

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This question doesn't involve a parent with Protean.
(How is OP getting Froakie eggs while breeding a female Slowpoke?)
I would assume they either made a typo, forgot the genders, or forgot the genders.

They’re either getting
a) slowpokes and accidentally wrote Froakie or
b) got the gender mixed up and the geninja is female

Lots of typos in the og question before (and even after) I edited it

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Simply because Protean is a Hidden Ability. Hidden Abilities aren’t obtained through breeding regularly; it’s like a secret genetic trait. The parent has to have the Hidden Ability too in order for the offspring to have it.

To obtain an HA Froakie, you can go to the chatroom and ask, or look on Reddit or other trading forms.

I’d strongly recommend reading up on Hidden Abilities, since breeding for them varies from each generation.

An important note: the offspring will always be the same Pokemon as the female. I’d personally (in newer games) recommend a male Hidden Ability Froakie and a Female Regular Froakie, but HA being passed on by the gender varies on generation to generation. In Generation 6, only females could pass down Hidden Abilities.
Again, I’d highly recommend reading up on HA breeding for the game you’re playing.

I hope this helps!

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Actually, the male can’t pass down HAs when bred with a female, even if they’re the same species. Males can only pass down HAs when bred with Ditto.
@krlw I have that in my post

. In Generation 6, only females could pass down Hidden Abilities.
OP is probably expecting to get HA Froakie because of one the parents is HA Slowpoke. That doesn't work -- the Pokemon passing down the HA must also be from the same evolution family as the offspring.
Also, doesn't the male-passing-HA rule apply after Gen 6 too?
@fizz it doesn’t in gen 8