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I’ve wanted a detailed list with everything important to know for a while, and I figure this can help others. Obviously I know a lot, but I think having a very detailed guide is important to have for myself and others (plus, it adds to the site!)

Please include the following:

-card rarity types and meaning (odds included)
-what typically comes within one basic pack of cards
-differences between booster boxes, booster packs, etc. and all the other types of card sets you can get
-different types of card glamour and what they are (foil, reverse holo, holo, full art, rainbow, etc)
-anything else someone may need to know regarding collecting (value, where to buy, collectors editions, etc)
-anything else I may have forgotten to add onto this list
-please literally include everything important (even if it’s “common knowledge”)

No half-answers, no half-assed answers, and please include sources. Please format and organize your answer nicely so that it’s easy to read.

Note: this guide is for collecting cards, not for playing the TCG

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By “long and detailed” I mean I don’t want someone to say “there’s four rarity types and there’s holos and non holos hope I helped” I want a description like “this is what a holo looks like and this is what it means and does” and “the circle symbol means it’s common, which means you have a one in whatever chance of pulling it per pack”
There's no 1 in whatever chance, the cards are picked semi randomly, up to two rare cards, at least one energy, at least one trainer card, and the rest are common or uncommon
Again, celebrations is quite unique in many ways.
We about to be on winter break? Oh yeah I got you give me a few days

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