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Yes, you can.

In fact, you can even completely skip Brawly and proceed to beat the other leaders. This goes for Winona too, however you must return to them after finishing the other leaders in order to proceed to the Elite League. In order to fight Norman, however, you must defeat Brawly.

You don't really need the TM Flash in order to meet Steven. TM Flash just eases your way. It might be a little hard to navigate around, however, so it is always recommended to take Brawly down first.

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Also this is help full if you skip brawly and fight him later in a speed run.
Same goes for winona.

Also @azureshiram you have to beat brawly to proceed in the story to beat norman you have to have 4 gym badges.
I can confirm that loki is correct about needing to defeat Brawly before Norman. I tested this in my own copy of Emerald.