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Yes, I asked a question similar to this before, and Yes, this is a bit different.

Let's say I wanted to shiny hunt Drifloon for a playthrough, and I saved while it was there. If I were to wait till Monday to reboot the game, would the Drifloon still be in front of me (until I leave the area), or do I actually have to wait till Friday to encounter it again?

Keep in mind that this is for BDSP and I don't have those games (yet)

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I know for a fact this is the case for the originals, but not BDSP
I don't think it would but I don't know for sure
If no one else does it, I can try tonight and let you know :)
drifloon can only be encountered at friday?

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Nope it doesn't work

I tried it yesterday (due to different time zone) and it did not stay.

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I concur with this, just tried it myself. If the game is on pause it stays there, but as soon as you close the game and reset, it disappears.
Okay, thanks both of you.