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I'm thinking of using Manetric but its growth rate is slow and I'm tired of grinding experience.
So what Electric type should I use?

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There’s not many really good options. Try raichu if you don’t want to deal with electrike. There’s also magnetite and voltorb

All options are kind of out of the way, though
ohh ok

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Lanturn and Manectric are good Electric-type options. However, Lanturn comes only after you get Surf as a Chinchou in Routes 124 and 126. It does evolve quickly from where you obtain it and gets a good STAB combination. But it does require grinding though, so does Electrike even though it's obtained early-game. Both have slow growth rates, so I'm not telling you to use those.

Its movepool is mediocre and it is outclassed by Manectric offensively, unless you get a Light Ball one. Even with a Light Ball, Pikachu will be KOed by a light breeze.

Its very fast, but its also rather weak and easily walled.

Slow with a shallow movepool, but has good typing. Magneton is pretty strong and its typing is very useful against the Elite Four.

Among these options as well as those Smoothie said, Magnemite is a really good option. A part Steel-type grants its many useful resistances, and I think that's better than any of the other two. Voltorb's stats are average except for its Speed, and Raichu is really frail. None of them are as helpful as Magneton against the Elite Four, except perhaps the Champion Wallace.

Magnemite gets Spark at Level 26, which isn't very far from where you get it. Spark allows it to deal with most of Winona's team. Apart from that, its typing is helpful vs Elite Four, with it dealing with Sydney, most of Phoebe's team, Glacia and Drake's Altaria. Besides, it's also good against most of Wallace's team except for Gyarados with Earthquake and Whiscash. I recommend this set:

Magneton @ anything
- Thunderbolt
- Thunder Wave
- Metal Sound
- Spark

Although it's movepool is really shallow, it doesn't need anything else to be more helpful.
Hope this helps :)

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I recommend keeping both spark and thunderbolt. Spark is enough to OHKO a lot of opponents, and using it more often will prevent thunderbolt from running out of PP.
I don't know if this is off-topic or not, but can't you get Magneton where you obtain Voltorb and Magnemite?
Yes you can get magneton where you find magnemite and voltorb, but it's a 1% encounter while magnemite is a 49% encounter.
Alright @sumwun and yes @JustATypicalPerson, you sure can but it's really rare and 1% kinda is harder to find. It's not really worth since you can just get Magnemite much easily and only grind a few levels for it evolve.
Magneton is better than Manetric in my eyes because although its 4x weak to ground and has more weaknesses than Manetric, it does have many resistances and its great defences combined with its Electric/Steel typing helps out a lot.