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I can take this down once it's put on the site. I'd like to know three things.

  1. How many Pokemon are catchable?
  2. Are there any Pokemon from Gens after Gen 4 that aren't new? I believe there are the Forces of Nature so don't count those. Yes/no answer
  3. Are there any Pokemon not catchable that could potentially be transferrable?

Trying to remain as spoiler free as I can.

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By obtainable, do you mean catchable, or in the Pokédex?
I assume there’s going to be Pokémon unobtainable via regular gameplay
There’s about 242, and I don’t believe there’s anything unobtainable that is in the code.
if your talking about how many Pokémon you can catch it is 242 Pokémon .
I rephrased my question

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There are 242 Pokemon in total in the Pokedex (including Shaymin/Darkrai which require save data from SWSH/BDSP).

The dex consists of every Gen 4 Pokemon, plus a mix of Pokemon from other regions. See the full dex here (spoilers, obvs).

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