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Explosion is a move that is a Normal-type move with the highest power. Unfortunately, it takes out all your health. So is there a Pokémon with an ability or item that can prevent it from taking all of its health? According to this website, Sturdy does not keep it from draining all of its health.

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i dont think there is, but i have no source to prove that.
I've thought about this question before but never went out of my way to look it up. I guess that the question helps me too lol

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There is no possible way to stop Explosion/Self Destruct from KO'ing the user.

According to Bulbapedia:

Explosion no longer halves the target's Defense. The user faints before dealing damage, unlike in previous generations.

If all targets of Explosion have already fainted this turn such that there is no target when Explosion is being executed, the user of Explosion will now faint regardless.

Sturdy does not prevent the user of Explosion from fainting.

There is a way to stop it after Gen 3 also according to Bulbapedia:

Explosion cannot be used when a Pokémon with the Ability Damp is on the field. The user's sprite no longer disappears upon using the move.

The focus sash introduced in Gen 4 also doesn't prevent explosion KO'ing the user also according to Bulbapedia:

The Focus Sash does not prevent the user of Explosion from fainting.

To summarise, it can not be stopped prior to Gen 3.


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In Gen 3-8, Explosion can be stopped by Damp. It's not limited to only Gen 3.
@Cristial Maybach it is limited to damp according to blubepidea It is limited to gen 3.
It's Gen 3 *onwards*, meaning that Damp works against Explosion in all Gens post Gen 3.
If you use the move fly then it is no problem. You can also reduce its accuracy by using moves like muddy water, octazooka, leaf tornado, etc.
Explosion would faint the user in all the situations stated by you, and the question is asking if/how the damage can be reduced.