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Hi, I’m working on 100%ing the Pokédex because I suffer from extreme self-hate and obviously this is the best way to proceed without getting therapy. Anyways, there’s really dumb tasks like “Use move 70 times” and said moves only have like 10pp. If I could boost the PP it would make the challenge so much easier. So yeah, how can I boost my PP?

I haven't came across anything that increases max PP, but Leppa berries can restore PP and is a crafting ingredient for other PP restoring items

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You can’t. I read a bunch of sources and they all say that you can’t. You're stuck with the amount of PP the original move has. You can restore PP without using items though, you just have to “reslot” the move.


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If you checked multiple pages, it would be good to list all of them. Gaming journalism sites like the one linked in the answer have a mixed reputation.
I feel like the source to this answer is good enough
I did check other sites but I didn’t think to list them. I’ll try doing it next time.