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Name says it all

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despite the fact thats hes been trying for like forever hes still too much of a noob
He's never actually tried to catch the legendary pokemon. The anime and the games are two different things, so he can be (and is) a good trainer even without the need of legendary pokemon. He's even taken down a few, like Darkrai, Latios, and Entei to name a few.
And those victories against the legendaries were even with one Pokemon in the case of Articuno and technically Darkrai due to it healing up with Dream Eater. His Sceptile, Charizard, and Pikachu are very impressive Pokemon. Pikachu has even taken down two legendaries, Regice and Latios.
Which is sad on Regice and Latio's part, since they're neutral to electricity and steel, and are legendaries.
I hate ash's pikachu (uncapitalized on purpose)

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No because in Anime the Legendaries are required to be free in order to maintain balance/peace etc. Some trainers do have them however.

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Despite a random guy having a heatran, the guy from Sinnoh with a Darkrai, Latios, and God knows what else, Nurse Joy and her Latias, etc. But other than that, it's all fair.
Don't forget that guy with the Articuno. Although he technically didn't catch it...
And of course you have the Battle Frontier leader (Brandon I think his name was) with his Regis. And the guy with Darkrai and Latios had four Arceus. He used the power of AR.
4 arceus...in the anime???!!! O.O
wait how do you know he had 4 it never told his other pokemon
Cynthia has Rayquaza, too...
in kanto that guy in the orange league has a dragonite
Dragonite is not a Legendary.......... ><
4 arceus.................................may the AR be with him
That one kid with the lanturn in Johto befriended a juvenile Lugia...
Tobias (the guy who wins the Sinnoh league) had a Darkrai AND Latios. So people do catch legenderies.
Because you can only catch one of each legendary in the games, people believe there is only one of each legendary. For some that might be the case, but legendary pokémon like Lugia, Ho-oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Latios, Latias, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, etc are not the only of their kind. Some "Legendary" pokémon are only so incredibly rare that they're only ever mentioned in legends.

As for the actual question, i can't even begin to take it seriously.
WRONG! It must be done by writers.
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I think he should one day, and I'd like to see him have one big one (Dialga for example) and a less powerful one like Suicine. I think Suicine's type of character would suit Ash well. I hope he does though, then he could win some Leagues.

Though, the anime does sort of imply that a big one can't be caught.  But for some reason, I think Suicine would go with Ash like in Heartgold.  Or one of the beasts anyway.