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I might never do this anyway, but I must know this just in case I do: How do I register my debit card to my Pokemon Go account so that I can buy poke coins? I MIGHT be doing that eventually-it all depends on the mercy of a friend helping me with a personal financial problem (Which I cannot share the problem-it's against the rules, I'm sure!).

i dont think this question is allowed. (then again, i could be wrong)
It's allowed
aah alright then, thanks for the info.
Info: what phone are you playing on? It’s very different depending on the type of App Store you use
I have an android phone,-Smoothie-. I hope that answers your question. Now, if possible, I'd really like further information from YOU, -Smoothie-, as you seem to genuinely be the smart guy-I hope you know how to do it on Android, because if not, I'll have to wait for somebody else. I would like for at least somebody who knows how to do this on an android to read this comment THEN... answer the original question. Please.

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  1. Open Google Play store app
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines to open the actions menu.
  3. Scroll through the list and choose “Payment Methods” from the list of options.
  4. Add your payment method
  5. Save your info
  6. Open PoGo
  7. Go to the shop
  8. Buy Pokémon coins

It should let your purchase coins via saved card info on Google Play.

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Thank you! That really helps!