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I think I need to verse the elite four again to defeat red once and for all

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Yes. Red's pokemon range from 80s. so having powerful pokemon is a must to defeat him.

edit- his pokemon are just in the 80s, sorry.

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Reds pokemon are all aove lvl 80.
I defeated Red with

Typhlosion Level 76   Flamethrower , Focus Blast , Heat Wave and Eruption

Floatzel Level 69    Waterfall , Ice Punch , Brick Break and Surf.

Umbreon Level 70  Payback , Curse , Confuse Ray and Quick Attack.

Roserade Level 65 Petal Dance , Magical Leaf , Toxic and Cut.

Luxray Level 69  Spark , Thunder Fang , Crunch and Strength.


Honchkrow Level 75 Fly , Night Slash , Wing Attack and Sucker Punch.

This is SS BTW.

Rematch Red.

Typhlosion Level 89 Flamethrower , Heat Wave , Focus Blast , Sunny Day.

Honchkrow Level 87 Fly , Night Slash , Wing Attack and Sucker Punch.

Tyranitar Level 88 Payback , Earthquake , Rock Slide and Curse.

Roserade Level 86 Toxic , Petal Dance , Magical Leaf and Cut.

Electrivie Level 82 ThunderPunch , Cross Chop , Earthquake and Screech.


Floatzel Level 91 Waterfall , Ice Punch , Surf and Brick Break.

I'll just go HG First Time.

Meganium Level 76 SolarBeam , Synthesis  , Petal Dance and PosionPowder.

Floatzel Level 74 Ice Punch , Waterfall , Surf and Aqua Tail.

Electabuzz Level 69 Discharge , ThunderPunch , Thunderbolt and Cross Chop.

Alazakam Level 73 Psychic , Shadow Ball , Energy Ball and Recover.

Magmortar Level 72 Fire Blast , Sunny Day , Fire Punch , Focus Blast.


Staraptor Level 74 Fly , Close Combat , Quick Attack , Endevaor.

It was very difficult to beat Red expect for Rematch. I'll do HG Rematch later.